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We have seen that there are a sufficient number of benefits to enhancing a PMI ACP credential holder. Hence, let us consider what could be the elements in the PMI ACP Certification cost. At a leading level, the PMI ACP Cost involves the exam cost and the cost of training on agile practices.

Exam Fee as an Element in PMI ACP Cost

The exam fee element of PMI ACP Cost is that you spend to PMI, and it is fixed or non-negotiable. Your next consideration is: How much is the PMI ACP Exam fee? Here are the details.

PMI has a separate fee for members and non-members. Moreover, PMI gives a Computer Based Test (CBT) and a Paper Based Test(PBT) for the PMI ACP Certification. PBT will be granted only for specific rare cases, which can lead to the PMI website or the handbook.

What are the modes of payment allowed?

What methods of payment are conceded by PMI to pay the fee for PMI ACP Certification cost? Before the amount mode is to decide, you need to determine if you go for an online application or a hard copy addressed by post. For a printable version, you need to forward a demand to the PMI customer care.

Payment for Online application:

When you submit the form and get a confirmation, you can choose to pay by credit/debit card, which makes it more active to process though they allow other modes too.

Payment for Printable application:

If one is submitting by P.O, he/she can still pay online or deliver a check, money order, or net transfer.

The proper fees for payment are determined by your PMI membership status and the examination delivery type (computer-based versus paper-based) for your geographic location. Refer to the Examination Administration section in this handbook to see if you qualify for paper-based exam delivery. Otherwise, plan on taking a computer-based exam and submitting the associated fees. Use the following chart to determine the certification fee.

The PMI membership rate will apply only if you are a member of PMI in good standing at the time you submit payment for the certification. If you apply for membership right before you apply for the certification, make sure you receive confirmation of your membership before you pay for the certification. If your membership has not been completely processed before you pay for the certification, you will be charged the nonmember rate.

If PMI membership is obtained after you submit payment for the certification, PMI will not refund the difference.

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