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What is the Importance of PMP for construction management?

    February 5, 2020

Project management for construction implements the waterfall process. The PMP certification practices method in particular terms. We have known many project managers in this specific industry. The more crucially they possess the principals in the PMBOK, the better their performance and achievement. Scope, schedule, and budget are not just barriers to these project managers; they are rigid guidelines that must be recognized, communicated, included, and engaged for project success and organization strategic performance.

How PMP help in the construction industry?

PMP is individually valuable in construction industries because regularly, projects in these industries are big and compact. Hence, a small impression or oversight can have a drastic impact on project cost, schedule, quality, and many other appearances. Therefore, the demand for proper project management is eternally there.

Furthermore, for project management, there is no certification than PMP, which can provide you this variety of information. The value of PMP in construction industries involving but not confined:

Project contract and stakeholder credentials are some of the most crucial perspectives of a project in construction industries because they are mostly costly and complicated projects; hence, the project contract should always be consummate and well defined in all views. Negligence can prove very expensive in later stages. Similarly, in construction projects, there are regularly large no. of stakeholders, and their accurate identification is necessary because if a stakeholder desired and discovered later, it can be disastrous for the project. PMP certification gives you all the knowledge needed to do this work accurately.

Precise planning and management plans for every perspective of a project like expenses, schedule, quality, scope, HR, communication, risks, acquisition, etc. play a crucial role in complicated projects. These plans connect to form a project management plan, which is the primary document of a project. Therefore, dismissing precise planning can prove disastrous for a project in construction industries. PMP certification shows you how to prepare the project entirely and how to obtain the specific plans of all the perspectives of the project.

All the business planned should be performed in a proper process, and according to the project management plan. Execution is the most vital and most experience, as well as the resources spending aspect of a project in construction industries. Hence, the value of the proper implementation of work is evident. PMP certification informs you how to achieve your plans successfully and how to control the resources. So that your projects meet the required product as proposed.

All the appearances of a project form expanse to state and from HR to acquisitions should be strictly controlled and managed. In construction industries, monitoring and command is yet another crucial process because, in multiple projects, a small blunder in scope or expense creep can be dangerous.

Similarly, the status of deliverables. Should always observe for customer satisfaction. PMP certification presents you with all the devices and methodologies for precise project monitoring and control, which is the solution to the completion of a plan in construction management.

Most of the plans in construction industries consist of producing some complete product, and it is of great value to take ultimate approval from the customer in every phase of the product. Similarly, most of the construction projects are near to the same kind, and the same methods sort of repeat. Hence, it is helpful and necessary to document all the exercises learned during the project and archive all the project documents for future evidence. It can demonstrate beneficial for prospective projects. PMP certification shows you all the methods on how you should join the project and what are the steps for creating it.

Source: PMI

The majority of survey respondents (82%) have the PMP® certification. PMP® certification holders report higher median salaries in most countries included in this study; however, this varies widely from country to country. Those holding the PMP® certification demonstrate the largest salary increases in Philippines and Indonesia where PMP® holders report a median salary over 80% higher than those who do not hold the certification.


PMP certification is very helpful in construction industries as it provides you the right methodologies, structure, and accessories on successful project management, which is of most importance. Because in development projects, we have vast quantities of money and other support at stake, and the price of failure is majestic.

  • Does PMP certification aid in construction projects? 
  • Do construction businesses seem for PMP certified people?

The answer to the first question is sure, yes. The experience of PMP going to assist you in the day-to-day curriculum of you holding a project manager at a construction project too. It will help you correlate to all the actions you take to relieve your project difficulties and to set up a more standardized system of execution at position levels.

Construction companies in India are not as keen to hire PMP certified people as the IT sector is the importance of project management still to incorporate to the core of execution in significant construction plans. However, few organizations having global developments and multinational giants will surely grant you an advantage.

By Arnab Ghosh, Businessperson | Voyager | PMP. Founder, at

One industry that should get immense benefit from PMP Certification is the Construction industry. I am a graduate Civil Engineer from BITS, Pilani, and served on development projects in India and abroad. The construction industry and development project managers have to bargain with all the methods and knowledge areas, as discussed in The Guide to PMBOK. Rather than discover the trial and error method, a professional approach is always welcome since the ultimate beneficiary is the taxpayer.

By Sriprasad M.R., Businessperson, career mentor

There is no dilemma that PMP certified people are essential supports, and they are beneficial by the construction organization. In some countries, not all such features treated yet. The PMP certified workforce can take challenges that are more significant and can fully implement the situation scenario

There are some countries where this certification is not much popular. Still, PMP certified people deserved by some construction organization. The projects can ultimately be consolidated by hiring such personalities. Thanks for the conversation.

By Jordan Castro

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