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Is PMP certification worth for IT professionals?

    February 5, 2020

You might have commenced your profession as a developer, tapping your keyboards for times and building group principles an algorithm. You fight hard to reach more crucial career purposes live growing a senior developer, team lead, or even project manager sometime. Perceive how all your efforts encourage you towards the Management spectrum from Software developing, examining and maintaining the area. It is where the interests of PMP certification grows. 

Well, "PMP" is the most prestigious certification that management applicant would willingly choose but, "will it be valuable to an IT professional?" Then this article is for you and reads more to find the solution to this question.

PMP certification and IT (Information Technology) profession:

A profitable career holds impressive professionals to appear for it. You would have begun your career as a Developer, tapping your keyboards to develop those super complex codes. You strive hard to exceed to the succeeding levels like a Senior Developer, Team Leader, Project Manager, etc. to accomplish those career goals. You could perceive that your way ultimately drives to a Management position from a Developer. In this journey, you could have seen that an enormous amount of project management thoughts needed to work on software development.

In this situation, when you endure a "PMP certification," you will be promptly provided with the awareness, media, and technique for more reliable project management control. Isn't it correct? Yes, you not only profit from the expertise, but other benefits come added to it.

The benefits of PMP certification for an IT specialist are

  1. After gaining the experience, it enables him/her to practice the expertise gain from PMP to save tremendous time, cut costs, and reduce work in a project.
  2. The renowned book PMBOK reveals the standardized method for Project Management, and this Model is the basis for PMP certification. When you endure a PMP certification, your projects would likely be more prosperous.
  3. PMP certification is such a well-known credential that it makes you recognize not just amongst your team members, customers, vendors, management, but also within your colleagues and people.
  4. Project managers in IT, who hold PMP certification credentials, would be rated high with advancements and additions.
  5. According to an up-to-date survey, PMP certified employees are preparing 29 percent more than they are preparing their noncertified rivals. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is demanding that 71 percent of project managers noticed an increase in earnings over the last 12 months.
  6. When you operate a PMP certification, you have a high chance of being held in reversal times. It is a known truth that the IT industry holds only relevant employees at a time of withdrawal, and this PMP credential gives you one of the qualified employees, presenting a certain level of safety.
  • Although, in today's IT industry, Agile and Scrum methodologies are widespread and their certifications are also in search, but they cannot exceed the value of PMP since it provides you the foundation, which you can study from other certifications.
  • Many people think that as PMP is not industry-specific, hence we should go towards IT industry-specific certifications. This program is corrupt because projects everywhere have the same composition and features. They can differ in the product, but they always have a start, planning, execution, monitoring & control, as well as closing.
  • In addition, this the experience PMP provides you. With PMP certification, you can manage any plan from any business, even if you do not have much industry-specific technical knowledge.

When don't IT professionals require PMP certification?

However, sometimes (in rare circumstances), the job and field of the IT professional are such that he does not have to deal with projects. His only career is day-to-day maintenance or operations, for example, a website administrator or a database administrator does not do projects normally.

Hence he may not get full benefits of PMP certification and the investment in PMP (both money and time may be wasted). Again, if he decides to switch jobs and go towards a project-based role, his PMP certification can prove to be worthy.

Good Jobs and Good Salary

As we are aware that, all the software businesses have project managers who are not perfect the management programs. Most of them are just having engineering programs. For them doing the PMP certification would help to get advances and salary increases.

As said in the above sections, there is proper development and salary in your industry. Here is the photograph of the pay scale for a PMP certified professional:

PMP certification is worth for IT specialists. It is essential for IT professionals than for any other business professional.

Many IT businesses have performed it necessary for the PMs to accomplish a PMP or comparable certification. You will learn many JDs conversing, "PMP required." If you do not own the certification, then you are not included in the PM role. It might overcome your professional development.

PMP can support you in opening new doors & developing your career. It is a well renowned & valued certification. According to many studies and career websites, it is one of the top 10 certifications in the globe. It has a terrific scope - its value appreciated in many different industries.

If you are qualified, then you should do it quickly.

Another idea to do PMP is pay. According to PMI's Salary Survey - those with a PMP certification earn a higher compensation (20% higher on ordinary) than those without a PMP certification

You can also refer to the PMI salary article survey (Project Management Salary Survey) and check out the payrolls for your geology and your business. To conclude, PMP certification would be a worthwhile asset for your IT profession. So choose this globally recognized PMP certification from a globally approved Institutes such as ProThoughts and excel in that golden rule for project management.

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