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PgMP stands for Program Management Professional. To receive your Program Management Professional (PgMP) credential, you require to meet the practice and learning requirements and pass the multiple-choice examination.

The Program Management Professional PgMP Certification qualifies you to practice up higher positions in an organization. Achieving a PgMP certification, you acquire into a senior-level practitioner and make you intelligent enough to drive your organization towards its vital goal. 

PgMP Certification (Program Management Certification) credential has a huge requirements in terms of experience and education requirements.

With program management maturity, an organization’s projects are far more successful than without it — 76 percent compared to 54 percent according to our 2015 Pulse of the Profession® report.
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On the other hand, it doesn’t matter what your qualification or Program Management knowledge is, you still need to prepare for your PgMP Certification diligently.

Review the PgMP Handbook by the PMI

The PgMP (Program Management Professional) certification is award by the ProThoughts deemed to be the advanced certifications in the field of project and program management. It acknowledges as a high level from the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. A candidate requires to prove their proficiency in program management along with a knowledge of program management principles. The requirements for the PgMP are more extensive.

A point to be considered is that the PgMP certification requires two evaluations. The first evaluation is a board review, which prequalifies applicants before admitting them to take the PgMP certification exam. The candidate must hold several years of relevant experience in project and program management. A person is required to hold a minimum of 10 years of program management experience for the PgMP certification examination.

 we have accumulated some suggestions that can assist candidate practice and clear the PgMP certification exam. Here are the following points.

Recording your work experience

Knowing the appropriate project and program experience in the PgMP applying process is the foundational factors of practicing for a PgMP certification. There are three reasons which I have described below.

First, you should have the appropriate practice before you perform for the PgMP certification exam. That means you require the experience to accomplish projects and programs with the least supervision.

The second is presenting your knowledge that you are required to include as part of your application process. You should be capable of skilled practice and meet with program management eligibility.

The third is ensuring that you recognize the appropriate experience for your application that will assist you in training for your multiple-choice exam.

Facilitate accurate factors assemble and determine the appropriate experience. The PgMP application can go a long process to your PgMP certification journey.

Serving on your ‘Experience Reports’

You are expected to submit 10-years ‘experience reports’. In which you have to express your program management experience. You have to show the plans that you have accomplished and correlate your experience.

I suggest that applicants analyze the Standard of Program Management Guide before applying for the application, get a perception of the various domains and ideas.

Consider the ‘Standard of Program Management’ Guide completely

The experienced program managers seek to learn the exam by solely relying on their expertise. The PgMP examines you on multiple program management principles, that record in the Standard of Program Management guide. It suggests that you must familiarize yourself with the technology, theories, and program management principles.

Master the theories behind the records and structures provided in the ‘Standard of Program Management’ guide

It involved in the controls of the ‘Standard Program Management’ guide has been designed considerably and organize essential program management principles. Many questions in the exams are kenned to cover the theories holding those charts and figures. These tables and figures serve to present an agile analysis of the essential concept that considered in the guide.

Learn PMI’s PMBOK principles

Assure that you consider and agree with the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) policies, which include in PMI’s PMBOK® Guide. It used as the foundation for the PMP examination. As most who usually take the PgMP study already have achieved their PMP certification, this shouldn’t be too tough as this would frequently involve grazing on the knowledge. Additionally, not understanding the PMBOK theories can make it challenging for you to study some program management concepts.

Study about program management from other references

The PMI insists that candidates shouldn’t solely rely on any particular recommendations (e.g., the Standard for Program Management Guide) to plan for the PgMP certification examination. While the PMI model is necessary to get everyone on the same page concerning PMI’s program management framework and principles, an applicant should raise his or her program management knowledge from other references as well. 

Study broadly on other relevant subjects

A program manager, unlike a project manager, has a broad range of power and associates with individual stakeholders across the market as well as external to the market. As part of their job, a program manager, therefore, must occupy several other abilities for them to be successful. ProThoughts counsels that program managers have superior skills in finance, cross-cultural awareness, management, communication, influencing, negotiation, and dispute resolution. 

Know the clarity and scope of the specified artifacts, conditions, exercises, etc.

The Standard for Program Management model covers several program management areas, exercises, documents, artifacts, conditions, etc. that make up the program management structure. You must learn all of them precisely and their role in advancing a program towards achieving valuable business results. As there are many, they can promptly become complicated and challenging to memorize. After reading, some of the ideas may even seem comparable, making it challenging to discriminate one from the other. One of the methods that you can practice is to note all of the fundamental theories separately while reading, along with considering their precise goal. Once you have this sort of a sharp record available, it can get more convenient to study the content swiftly and to master it with time finally.

Register local group discussions and PMI Sections

One of the safest means to prepare for the PgMP exam and what it involves is from people who have been through the practice, i.e., from those who have qualified for the exam, practiced it, and carried it themselves. You can adhere to such selves by registering your neighborhood PMI section and group discussions. Furthermore, if your workplace assists you to take these certification exams, then attend to engage with people in gatherings at your workplace who have such certifications or are seeming to get accredited by partnering and collaborating with them. You can participate and study more than solely studying through guides and books.

Consider the PgMP® Certification Guidebook

Last but not least, assure that you thoroughly read the PgMP® Certification Guidebook. In its 41 pages, the book includes many useful topics, including several suggestions that range from building your first application to perceiving the exam. Perversely, it’s common for many applicants to discuss their applications rejected because they didn’t take the opportunity to appropriately fill out the information and their work experience as needed by the PgMP boards. Therefore, take the chance to evaluate the book in particular before you commence your journey for the PgMP certification.

You can get more knowledge about getting the PgMP Online Certification here.

The prerequisites for the PgMP Certification is,

Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
6,000 hours of project management experience
10,500 hours of program management experience

Four-year degree
6,000 hours of project management experience
6,000 hours of program management experience

Wondering what kind of questions would be asked during the examination?

Try our Sample PgMP Certification questions for better understanding,

Free Sample Exam Questions (10 Questions)

Realizing that before you meet with the Agency Administrator and the other members of the senior staff that funding is limited, especially with your President’s mandate to reduce spending at the federal government level by 50%, that you need to estimate the high-level financial benefits of your regulatory overhaul program to ensure it receives approval from your Agency Administrator and the other senior leaders. You need to establish a constant reminder of the objectives and the program’s intended benefits so you prepare—

You are a member of your organization’s Product Portfolio Committee. The head of your enterprise program management office (EPMO) recommends that a program be undertaken to develop a series of products for the next-generation automobile to be run using helium. In deciding whether or not to approve this program, of the following, which one is the most important for your committee to consider—

You are a member of your organization’s Product Portfolio Committee. The head of your enterprise program management office (EPMO) recommends that a program be undertaken to develop a series of products for the next-generation automobile to be run using helium. An important consideration of your committee is—

You have recently joined a corporation that is a leader in the development of products for the automotive industry. You are pleased to be selected as a program manager, because you know that this company has established a culture of management by programs. The company operates within a program management structure, and each program manager is responsible for products in certain years. To best align your program with your stakeholders’ expectations, this means that—

You are a functional manager in your organization, the head of the Department of Engineering, and a member of the Selection Committee for new programs. At the committee meetings, you review potential programs. One key factor that you consider as to whether to approve a program is—

As a result of all of your hard work and diligence to get your program started, and based on the business case that you developed, you have received approval form your Portfolio Review Board, which consists of your organization’s senior leaders, to proceed to initiate your program. However, you now should—

You are on the program planning team to develop a program for the next generation of drugs to combat joint disease. The executive sponsor has asked that you prepare a comparative advantage analysis to—

Assume you are a member of your agency’s Program Selection Committee, and the Committee has just met to determine which programs and projects it should pursue. Your program to develop the next generation Air Force radar system was approved. Since you now have the authorization to proceed, your committee then has to—

As you worked to obtain approval for this Air Force radar program, you realized the necessity of conducting a SWOT analysis. Its analysis then—

Although your program is part of a portfolio with four other programs and 14 separate projects, it has no direct relationship or interdependencies with any of these other initiatives. However, the success of your program will depend on which two areas for which all these other initiatives are competing?

Your score is

The average score is 36%


Free Sample Exam Questions (10 Questions)

Assume you are working for an organization, ABC, which has about 500 people in it. Recently, your executives attended a one-day training program that presented an overview of portfolio, program, and project management. When the CEO, CFO, and CIO returned from this session, you were tasked to provide a list of all of the projects under way in the organization for their review. When you reviewed all the projects before giving the list to the executive team, you recommended to them that some of the multiple projects under way be managed as a program. This is because—

You met with the members of the Executive team in your company ABC. They were impressed with your knowledge of program management, and since they had attended the one-day seminar, they told you they wanted to make sure every program they set up supported the organization’s strategic goals because—

Working to improve the maturity of an organization’s work in program management there are a number of items one can do. In the early stage of such an initiative, one recognizes the influence of the program by the needs of the organization’s portfolio, an example of which is—

Moving into a program environment is a major change for organizations especially in ones in which people are more used to working on projects. Programs have a broader scope, tend to be more complex, and may last for many years. This means it is necessary to—

You are one of many project managers working on the new plasma screen development program. Your project has not yet started, but the program manager is anxious to have it begin as soon as the program starts. But before you can receive the go-ahead to start, it is necessary to—

Assume you are the program sponsor for this new program on the new plasma screen development to replace all existing LCD screens and enhance plasma’s screens so they can be viewed in 4-D. As you worked to obtain approval for this program, you decided to contribute to the body of knowledge available to the decision makers so you—

Assume you are working in a Fortune 500 company. Recently, your company hired an outside OPM3® Certified Professional to conduct an Organizational Project Management Maturity Assessment of its program management practices in terms of the standardize, measure, control, and continuous improvement areas. Organizational program management relates to program management because it—

As you work to prepare the business case for the new plasma screen program, you recognize it is essential to identify potential benefits that will accrue from establishing this program. You have assembled a team of stakeholders and plan to interview them for their opinions. You want to point out how and when this program’s goals will be pursued. It is documented in the—

9. You are preparing the business case to obtain organizational leadership approval for a new program to implement a company-wide customer relationship management system to better manage sales activities and leads. You have been meeting with many people as you work to prepare this business case, and already you have heard a lot of the more than 600 salespeople in your company object to it. Your business plan therefore should clearly address—

Assume you are working for the Motor Carrier Safety Administration in your government, responsible for the regulation of motor carriers in your country. You are a senior executive in this Administration, and you are getting ready for a meeting with the Administrator of the Agency and the other senior executives to review new programs and projects for the next budget cycle to be part of the overall portfolio. You have suggested that a program be established to consolidate various projects that require overhaul of existing regulations. Such a program is—

Your score is

The average score is 51%


The Certification exam has 170 multiple-choice questions. You will have 240 minutes (4 hours) to complete the exam.

Kindly review the PgMP Exam Content outline along with PMIs instructions. 

The PgMP exam is based on the PMBOK, which guides on how to prepare for your PgMP exam. The Program Management Professional (PgMP) exam is tough. Anyone who seeks to achieve PgMP certification needs to prepare for the exam.

Take the One-hour PgMP Exam and increase your confidence.


PgMP Sample Questions (50Qs)

An organisation is reviewing its portfolio of projects, programs and operations with a view to restructuring the portfolio for cost effective, efficient management. The review finds a lot of independent programs consisting of a single complex project running for more than a year. What would be your advice to the organisation?

Government has asked Defence establishment to undertake missile deployment capability. The blueprint suggests that the capability will be developed in a phased manner with each phase building on the previous ones in terms of accuracy, range, re-entry capability, payload carrying capacity etc. A large number of complex projects and activities in the areas of heat resistant light weight material development, exploring usage of cryogenic fuels, identifying ways to improve circular error probability etc are needed to be undertaken. What will be your advice on best way to managing such an endeavour?

A program has delivered a capability and operational stakeholders need to be trained to use the capability. The business organisation is willing to fund for such a training and requested Program Manager to arrange the training. However, the program manager has refused to take responsibility of arranging the training stating that the very fact that it is going to be funded outside of program’s budget means it should not be part of the program. What would you do if you were the program manager?

An experienced and reputed project manager has been asked by the organisation to takeover program management responsibilities for a large complex ongoing program. In his first program governance board meeting within a few days from taking over the program, he said that program is unstable as there are too many changes being accommodated and that the previous program manager should have pushed back the changes. What should a program governance board do?

During a review session, the program manager finds that there are a lot of project specific issues, a few cross-project issues and a few issues common across all the projects. Project Managers mention that they can resolve all the issues themselves except the cross-project issues and need guidance from program management for resolving such issues only. What should a program manager do?

During a review of portfolio of projects within an organisation it is found that there are a few projects created to benefit one part of the organisation without regards to overall strategic objectives and risks. The projects so far have not been under purview of portfolio management. What should a portfolio manager do?

1. Portfolio Management has just issued a Program Mandate for Program A and selected a Program Sponsor. The program is expected to go on for 10 years. The business environment in which program is going to operate is dynamic and a lot of volatility is expected during the course of the program. The organisation will have to continuously align its services and offerings to the changing market demands so as to sustain competitive advantage. The technology is undergoing phenomenal transformation and with it the business processes and their implementation is changing rapidly. The Program Sponsor is looking for a Program Manager to who can successfully deliver program objectives. What are the most important skills Program Sponsor should look for in the Program Manager candidates?

Portfolio Management has just issued a Program Mandate for Program A and selected a Program Sponsor. The program business case has already been approved. The Program Sponsor has selected you as a Program Manager and asked you to prepare a program charter. What will be your immediate focus area?

Which of the below best describes organisation’s strategy execution framework?

You have just assumed responsibility as a Program Manager for program A which is in Program Delivery Phase. You are looking for an overall documented reference by which the program will measure its success throughout the duration of the program. What is best source for such information?

You are the Program Manager for program A. The project sponsor has asked you to undertake program formulation phase. You have initiated Environmental assessment, prepared business case and formulated program plan. What will you put together consolidating the information gathered so far to help formulate program charter?

You are the Program Manager of Program A. The program impacts telecom field force engineers. The program is in Program Delivery Phase. An important regulatory policy announcement regarding Health and Safety of telecom workforce is expected from the regulator in a couple of months. So far, this aspect has not been considered in the program. What would you do?

1. You are the program manager assigned by your IT services organisation to run a business transformation program for a telecom service provider supplier. One of the program’s projects delivers an e-commerce system. The program engages with business and operational units to introduce this as order taking system by training the appropriate resources in help desk and other functional units of the telecom service provider organisation. The new system is now operational and as a result there are increased e-orders. The sales revenue is increased and it has resulted in increased profitability for the telecom service provider. Choose the appropriate option that specifies correct order for output, business change, outcome, intermediate benefit, end benefit and strategic objective.

Which of the below program benefits can be easily quantified and involve relatively certain outcomes?

When are Benefits Transition and Benefits Sustainment activities likely to take place in the program life cycle?

You are the program manager for program A. You are developing the benefit register. How will you define KPIs for each of the benefit and their associated measurement method?

As a program manager how would you check if a particular benefit is sufficiently realised?

Which of the below is not a benefit sustainment activity?

You are the program manager for a program A your organisation is running for a telecom service provider. The program involves introduction of new sales channel and a set of new service/offerings. Your organisation was involved in program’s projects however the customer has decided to involve a third-party organisation to support the system in production. The program is nearing end of Program Delivery Phase and you are planning for Transitioning the system to the competitor. What is not a key area you should focus on?

1. You are a program manager of a complex program A which program governance board wants to tightly control. This is impacting decision making, causing program delays and there is growing frustration in the program team due to lack of empowerment. You have sensed that some of the key program team members are going through the motions and are seriously thinking of quitting the program. What would you do?

You are assigned as a program manager for an emergent program A. In a portfolio review meeting the portfolio manager asked the governance board of program A to demonstrate how the program’s vision and goals effectively support the organisation goals. The portfolio management was surprised to see that there was no clearly defined vision for the program. Whose responsibility it is to ensure that the program has clearly defined vision and goals?

Program has claimed that it has met its objective by reducing the turnaround time of a process by 20% as defined in the Program success criteria. However Operational organisation, during acceptance quality check rejected the claim indicating only 10% reduction. Further analysis revealed that there is an additional process that is invoked depending the input parameters which has not been considered by program as a part of business process. So, whenever the additional process was invoked the results were below expectation. What according to you are most probable problem areas in the program?

You are a program manager of a newly chartered large, complex program. You are deliberating with program governance board on program governance and highlighted a need for strong performance support and high level of consistency and professionalism in manging the program. In what way Program Governance Board can best help?

In Program Governance Board meetings on the last few occasions, program manager finds that all the board members are not on the same page. Some of them are not even aware of the key issues and achievements that Program manager reported in the previous highlight report. Some board members have complained about lack of decision-making information in certain areas. What should program manager look at to improve the situation?

You are a program manager of program A. The program is doing well for the last six months and as per program plan it is now time to initiate a new complex project with heavy demand on organisation’s key resources. What should you do?

You are a program manager of program A. The estimated program duration at the start is 3 years. The program is doing well for the last more than a year. The company recently got merged with another company and the new management is in the strategic planning process reviewing the portfolio. In the Program Board Governance Meeting you are informed that the program needs to be terminated so prepare for program closure. You and the program team are surprised by this sudden development. What could be possible reason for program closure?

1. A programme manager comes to know that a customer has raised concerns about under performance from one of the key programme resources. What should programme manager do first?

A programme is about to deliver a capability. During the knowledge transfer session with the operational stakeholders it is found out that one important operational unit has not been taken into consideration and the capability is likely to result into a lot of manual intervention for that operational unit thereby significantly reducing the business benefits. What should a Programme Manager do?

Neither the previous End of Tranche review nor the external audit brought any stakeholder engagement concerns to front. A programme manger

A programme manager comes to know that a customer is upset about delivery quality and is likely to escalate it to senior management of the performing organisation immediately. What should a programme manager do?

A programme manager has prepared a Stakeholder Register and Stakeholder Engagement Plan and is now planning to circulate it to all stakeholders for review. Which of the following statements is most appropriate?

During stakeholder analysis, Mohan – the programme manager finds that there are 3 new stakeholders Rajan, Satish and Ankit to be added to the stakeholder register. The further analysis suggests that Rajan has already voiced concerns about one of the projects in the programme, Satish, although an important stakeholder is totally unaware of the programme while Ankit has been taking keen interest in the programme and took an initiative to solve the impediment. What should Mohan do on priority?

Which of the following statements are true w.r.t. communication with stakeholders of the projects being run as a part of a programme?

1. You are just appointed as the program manager for program A by Program Sponsor. Who are most likely to support you in the Program Formulation Phase?

You are the program manager of program A. The program is in Program Benefits Delivery Phase. One of the program components has produced outputs that contributes to program benefits and outcomes in a standalone manner. What would you do?

You are the program manager of program A. The program is in Program Delivery Phase. The Program projects have delivered the outputs as expected and they have been integrated into program. You have to put the delivered capabilities into service to realise the benefits. The capability replaces the existing business critical process and systems and any errors would lead to customer dissatisfaction. The senior management is keen on realising the benefits quickly and would like to rollout the functionality in a bang manner on the planned date. You are confident about the quality of the delivery. What would be your advice to the management?

You are the program manager of program A. The program is in Program Delivery Phase. All the Program components have delivered the outputs as expected and they have been integrated into program and almost all the program benefits have been realised. What would you do just before recommending Program Governance Board to end the Program Delivery Phase?

You are the program manager of Program A. It is almost end of Program Delivery Phase. Some of the program components have already been transitioned to Operations and the program team members have also far been involved in some benefit realisation activities. The Program Governance Board has informed you that there is another program B to take care of the benefit sustainment activities that the program team is carrying out. You would like to take up Program Transition activities. What activities will you take up?

You are the program manager of Program A. The program is in Program Delivery Phase. However, the recent changes in business environment has rendered program unviable and Program Governance Board has asked you to close the program. What activities will you take up in addition to the closeout activities after successful program completion?

You are the program manager of program A. The program is in Program Delivery Phase. A few program components have produced outputs but none of them would be in a position to contribute to program benefits and outcomes in a standalone manner. What would you do?

1. Which of the following is a core program activity that is done throughout all the 3 phases of the program?

You are a Program Manager of a complex business transformation program for a customer. After carefully reviewing organisation’s capabilities you concluded that development of a certain critical program component may best be outsourced to a competent supplier enhance probability of success. What kind of risk response have you made use of?

During a review of projects within a program, the Program Manager finds that one of the projects has unused budget after successfully delivering the planned functionality. The Project Manager is planning to use this budget to deliver a few additional features to the output which are likely to enhance the project deliverable and result in project customer delight. What should a Program Manager do?

A Program Manager, while reviewing the procurement requirements from the components finds that there are many components using one product from the same supplier and each needs product support for the component delivery. Each component is trying to procure product support from the supplier on a time and material basis negotiating different support SLAs. What should a Program Manager do?

You are a Program Manager of a large program going on for more than two years. The software development for the program components have been outsourced to a supplier A. The relationship with the supplier so far has been good and the delivery quality has been excellent. Off-late you have been hearing from the component managers that the software development services are available in the local market at far competitive rates. What should you do first?

You are a Program Manager of a large program with high visibility in the organisation. It was a conscious decision to outsource software development part to supplier A and integration testing to supplier B to enhance probability of success. However, it is found that a lot of defects had seeped into acceptance testing phase in the last two iterations. Further analysis suggested that supplier B resources lacked domain knowledge and the Program Manager had asked supplier B to take corrective action. Upon assurances from supplier B it was decided to persist with Supplier B for the integration testing in the third iteration as well. However, the situation did not improve and senior management has now expressed concerns about programs ability to deliver benefits. Supplier A has approached you with a proposal to take over integration testing from supplier B. What should you do?

You are Program Manager for program A having components A, B and C. How will you ensure visibility in the procurements to ensure program budget is being expended properly to obtain program benefits?

You are assigned as a Program Manager for program A that has just commenced the Program initiation activities. You have prepared Program Charter and sent it to the Program Governance Team for approval. However, they find that the risks involved are way beyond organisation’s threshold and disapprove the program charter. What should you do?

You are assigned as a Program Manager for program A that has just commenced the Program initiation activities. There is no program business case. You have been asked to perform feasibility study whether program A will be able to deliver the intended benefits and meet strategic objectives. Where will you find the required information to start the activities?

You are assigned as a Program Manager for program A during the Program Definition Phase. You are developing the right infrastructure for program A. Program A is tight on budget and you have received an indication from Program Governance Board to reduce overheads as much as possible. Consequently, you have to judiciously select the program infrastructure elements based on cost benefit analysis to optimise program cost without jeopardising the program success. The key areas you should consider for Infrastructure development are

Your score is


You need to earn 21 PDUs Or Contact Hours Certificate from one of the PMI Registered training institute (You need to verify the REP ID of a training institute)

By Enrolling for Classroom Or Online Training you can earn those PDUs which is one of the important checklists which makes you eligible for the PgMP Certification.
You can also review self-study books published by R.E.P.s and other reputable training organizations.

PgMP Exam Costs:

When it comes to PgMP Certification costs, there are two categories that you would be investing in,

(a.) PgMP Certification Training (Classroom or Online)
(b.) PgMP Examination Cost (Would be paying to PMI)

Certification training completely differs from institute to institute wherein the average training cost would be 300-400 USD in India i.e. INR 22K to INR 30K.

The Exam would cost you around the below mentioned which you would be directly paying to the PMI.

  • Member: US$800.00
  • Non-member: US$1,000.00

The Program Management Professional (PgMP)® is a visible sign of your advanced experience and skill and gives you a distinct advantage in employment and promotion.

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