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  • How much is the PMI-ACP Certification Fees?

    We have seen that there are a sufficient number of benefits to enhancing a PMI ACP credential holder. Hence, let us consider what could be the elements in the PMI ACP Certification cost. At a leading...Read more

  • Styles of Leadership

    Determine the Scale of Management approach: (Source: Stace and Dunphy): 4 Styles of Leadership Collaborative Style: The collaborative leadership style attracts substantial scale participation from...Read more

  • Sources of Changes

    Following picture says Sources of changes and how do we be to bridge the gap (source: IIL) It is a magnificent structure that depicts AS-IS to TO-BE and shows a transition gap, which is depend...Read more

  • What is Agile?

    What is Agile in Project Management? Agile is a method by which members of a team can lead a project by dividing it up into specific grades and providing continuous collaboration with stakeholders...Read more

  • Comparison between Changes and Risks

    Changes Vs Risks Efforts need to put indirectly depends on the culture of the organization. Whether it's Changeable OR Change resistant and the type and severity of the change Change immune Or...Read more

  • Is PMP Course Difficult?

    What Is PMP Course Certification? You have been a project manager for years now. You are good at your job, and you have taken some time to guide yourself on project management methods and the best...Read more