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  • Introduction to Change Management in the Project.

    Changes and innovations can cause upheaval and severely impact the performance of an organization. When a significant change scheduled, professional change management will assist you with a range of ...Read more

  • Why PMP Certification?

    Several project managers have been delivering their jobs for many years, some with or without approved training. In each case, via rivals, managers, or through the creeper, they promptly learn that t...Read more

  • Comparison between employee-facing and Enabling Roles

    Employee-Facing vs. Enabling Roles In the sections above, we outlined the key roles of the different actors involved in making changes successful in any organization. Of the tasks presented, two h...Read more

  • What is PMP?

    Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the highly recognized accreditation across the globe for those who want to make their careers or are in the profession of Project Management.&nb...Read more

  • Roles of management team actively engaged in managing change

    Role Descriptions: The table below illustrates what we would like to hear each of these groups say if they are actively engaged in managing change. Conversely, it also identifies what you may list...Read more

  • Types of change

    Based on the interaction between the Scale of Change and Management/Leadership style, Dunphy and Stace propounded a model of 5 different types of change. The salient features of these five typ...Read more