How to pass the exam at the first attempt ?

    Hi All,

    I have been studying PMP material for over 9 months., non stop. As I am preparing for the exam, I registered with Prothoughts and now reviewing the exam questions.
    I will be honest with you that I find the questions very tricky and make lots of mistakes. There is no way for me to finish 200 question within a period of 4 hours. Some questions take me over 5 minutes to resolve. As I see the answer, then I realize why I made mistake! For me, it is almost impossible to get %80 at my fist attempt answering the question.
    My only hope is that your questions in the PMP Exam Simulator would help me pass the exam.
    What percentage of these question do you think it will appear in the exam?
    What is your advice for me how can I start trusting myself for the exam and become ready for it?

    Thank you,


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