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Connect with the Industry Experts and gain excessive knowledge on current updates for PMP®️, PgMP®️, PMI-ACP®️, Ms Project Certifications, etc. Attend these free Live Webinars and learn about the upcoming trends, latest techniques, guidance on various topics, etc. 

Upcoming Webinars

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The Agile Enterprise: Combining Disciplined Agile Delivery with the PMBOK® Guide

30th June, 1 pm IST
  •  Understanding of the Disciplined Agile delivery with PMBOK Guide.
  •  What is the need for Disciplined Agile?
  •  How will it benefit you or any organization?
  •  What is the career and growth path?
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Introducing Disciplined Agile – How it is different from the current Agile methodologies and practices

8th July, 1pm IST
  •  What is Agile?
  •  What is the need for Disciplined Agile?
  •  What is new WoW – Way of Learning?
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Quality vs Project Management

9th July, 1pm IST
  •  Useful technical pointers for Project Management Professional
  •  How to effectively use of technical pointers in the projects
  •  How to clear PMP exam  in first attempt
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Webinar on why and what of PMO (Expert talk by Head, PMO - Tata Group)

11th July, 8pm IST
  • Detailed discussion of ongoing activities of PMO
  • Know about the ways they maintain standards for project management
  • Tips to suceed with their projects                                               
  • Effective use of project management knowledge
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What are the PMP Exam changes in 2020?

14th July, 8pm IST
  • Get all insights for the PMP exam from home.
  • How to prepare for your PMP exam preparation?
  • Take a glance at our PMP Training Online demo session.                                          
  • How should one utilize this option provided by PMI to work to his advantage?
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PgMP - Understanding Governance in managing programs and portfolios.

15th July, 8pm IST
  • What is PgMP?
  • Understand how governance is used in managing programs & portfolios.
  • Understand it’s role in programs & portfolios             
  • Understand the important dimensions of governance.
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Discipline Agile Vs Scrum Master

21st July, 8pm IST
  • What is Discipline Agile?
  • What is Scrum Master?
  • Detail discussion  on DA & SM          
  • Difference between Discipline Agile & Scrum Master
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Ways to manage project with Microsoft Project Tool

22nd July, 1pm IST
  •  Basics of MS project
  • Understand the various types of tools
  • Know how to use the tools effectively 
  • How this will help participants in their projects
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Scheduling Projects in Project Management

22nd July, 8pm IST
  •  Basics of Schedule Management
  • Understand how to schedule different tasks 
  • Know how to use the tools effectively to schedule things
  • How to clear PMI-Sp exam in first attempt
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Project Insight - Award winning Collobarative software. How to generate intelligence in Projects

23rd July, 8pm IST
  • Why we need project intelligence?
  • Know about different analytics & reporting tools
  • Get tips from an expert on project insight
  • Award winner Calvin will present on how to use project insight effectively
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What leadership skills would you learn as a Project Practitioner with PMP Certification?

28th July, 8pm IST
  • All aspiring project managers will explore the leadership skills that you acquire and needed in projects
  • Learn the important skills required by any project manager
  • Eg: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Also, the ability to share a clear vision, Positive attitude, enthusiasm, Integrity & Competence
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5 Sins of Project Management

29th July, 8pm IST
  • Understand what are the 5 project aspects which leads to failure in Project Management.
  • Failure to Unrealistic Deadlines.
  • Failure to Communicate.
  • Failure to Poorly Defined Project Scope.
  • Failure to involve management.
  • Failure to Inadequate Project Planning.
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Disciplined Agile V/s SAFe

31st July, 8pm IST
  • Basics about Disciplined Agile
  • Basics about SAfe
  • Difference between Disciplined Agile & SAfe
  • Important pointers on DA & SAfe

Past Webinars​

To find all the recorded sessions on your favorite topic and get all the information on certain Project Management topic, kindly request for it and our consultant will mail you the recorded session link!!


Managing Risks in Agile Projects.

  • Understanding risk management differences in traditional Vs Agile.
  • Understanding risks from agile perspective, Risk management standards.
  • Dealing with the risk in practice but Cloud Management Software.
  • Understand how it will help your organization?

How PMP Certification would help a Project Practitioners life easy?

  • Know the basics about PMP Certification.
  • Why it is important for Project Managers?
  • How this will help in your Project Management?
  • How this will help in your career growth?

What are the constraints in ms project?

  • Know the basics about Ms. Project Tool
  • Understand the various types of constraints.
  • Deep understanding of hard, soft, & semi-soft constraints.
  • How it will help your firm in managing projects.

Is it the right time to apply for PMP Certification during this Covid 19 situation?

  • Clarity on what COVID-19 lockdown means to your career?
  • Understand the PMP Certification Updates and changes in the future.
  • Detailed insight on when to plan and prepare for your PMP Exam
  • The answer to the Webinar session topic and help you plan your future
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What do you need to know before taking up the PMP Certification Training Course?

  • Know the basics about PMP Certification training and process
  • Understand the PMP Certification Updates and changes in the future.
  • Detailed insight on when to plan for your PMP Exam
  • Have a better understanding of how to prepare your PMP Exam
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Why PfMP Certification for Portfolio Managers?

  • Know the basics about PfMP Certification.
  • Understand the PfMP Certification Updates and changes in the future.
  • Detailed insight on when to plan for your PfMP Exam
  • Have a better understanding of how to prepare your PfMP Exam

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