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 Project Management Salary Survey confers an earning advantage among those with PMP certifications. Survey respondents carrying the PMP certification proclaimed 20% – 25% higher salaries than those without a PMP certification. On average, these specialists receive 23% more across the 37 nations surveyed.

“Hiring a PMP authorized professional, you are hiring someone who has the desire to learn and enhancing his/her skills. They always keep himself/herself current with market aims. You are hiring an expert who has the appropriate talent, best attitude, and apparent market prediction.

Earning Potential: Project Management Salary Survey is a complete biennial salary survey that grants insight into the benefit of project management abilities, expertise, and certifications. It is an industry-leading source of data that provides project management practitioners greater appreciation of their earning potential. It also benefits employers, remuneration boards, human resource departments, and managerial recruiters to determine salary scales favourably.





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