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Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms & Conditions
Kindly Note that purchasing specific product(s)/ services(s) cannot be considered guaranteed until & unless:

1. Full payment as offered is received by us.
2. Buyer must have an explicit acknowledgement by ProThoughts via Email.

Cheques should be made in favour of “ProThoughts Solutions LLP” payable at Pune/Mumbai, India or at par. In case, you have chosen to pay by Cheque – Your purchase would be confirmed only upon successful realization of the Cheque i.e. when your Cheque is cleared and we receive your funds in our account. If a Cheque is returned for insufficient funds, we will allow Two (2) Business days for you to make full payment.
An additional fee of INR 500/- will be charged for each returned cheque.
Lack of payment for any reason whatsoever may result in collection proceedings and we reserve the right to notify about order been suspended due to non-payment.

Order Cancellation Policy
We may have to cancel any particular order due to insufficient product supply or other unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances.
Having said that, we understand & appreciate your commitment to the purchase and as such, we will make all reasonable efforts to reschedule or make alternate arrangements to provide you with product(s) or service(s).
You have the option to re-schedule the order delivery or modify for similar product(s) or service(s) available at another time or choose to obtain a full refund.
All refunds are processed within Fifteen (15) business days from the cancellation request date.

Fees Refund & Order Delivery Rescheduling Policy
It becomes necessary to levy fees if you choose to Cancel Your Order or try to Return Your Order after delivery.
If a candidate cannot accept the product(s) delivery or service(s), it is the candidate’s responsibility to inform ProThoughts by email as soon as possible.
If you cancel the order, within six (6) hours from the actual order date and time, you will not be charged towards cancellation fees.
Cancellation after six (6) hours and less than forty eight (48) hours from the actual order date and time will result in cancellation fees of INR 200 per product(s)/ service(s) ordered.
Cancellation after forty eight (48) hours and less than ninety six (96) hours from the actual order date and time will result in cancellation fees of INR 300 per product(s)/ service(s) ordered.
Cancellation after ninety six (96) hours from the actual order date and time will not be entertained.

Refund is subject to proper return of the product back to the seller or proper confirmation of non-use of services. All refunds will be processed in forty five (45) business days from the order cancellation date.

You also have the option to postpone your order delivery date to another date subject to availability and ProThoughts Management approval. No re-scheduling fee is levied if re-scheduling is done before Seven (07) business days prior to the original delivery date, otherwise a Nominal Re-scheduling fee is levied.