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PMP certification is valid for 3 years from the day exam is cleared. To renew every 3 years, you need to earn and claim 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) from PMI. Also, a renewal fee of $60, if you are a member of PMI or 150$ if you are not a member needs to be paid. Once done, a new PMP certificate with a new expiry date will be sent via postal mail to the registered address. PMP License Number remains the same.

60 PDUs to earn are spanning across various areas. Each PDU is 1 hour of effort.

Education (35 minimum): Learning activities that allow you to broaden your knowledge in one of the PMI Talent Triangle skill areas as follows:

  • Technical (8 minimum)
  • Leadership (8 minimum)
  • Strategic & Business Management (8 minimum)
  • PDU Claim Code: The PDU Claim code is a new feature that will allow you to more easily claim PDUs from a PMI approved education provider. A PDU claim code can be issued by any PMI approved education provider including PMI, R.E.P.s, PMI chapters, and the PMI Global Accreditation Council. 

    The PDU claim code will be a 10 digit alpha-numeric value unique to each course (example: 200068JJYM). The PDU claim code can also end in a '-S' if you attended an event. 

    If you do not have a PDU Claim Code you can still claim PDUs by selecting one of the education categories below and entering the provider and activity information.
  • Course or Training: Types of activities include 
    - Educational events held by PMI chapters, 
    - Instructor-led e-learning courses, 
    Courses offered by
    - PMI SeminarsWorld®, 
    - PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s), 
    - Programs accredited by the PMI Accreditation Center (GAC), 
    - general training organizations
  • Organization Meetings: Activities include (but are not limited to) 
    - Educational sessions at industry conferences 
    - PMI chapter or local events 
    - Meetings focused on areas of the PMI Talent Triangle. 
    These activities are limited to 1-2 PDUs.
  • Online or Digital Media: Activities include self-paced learning activities that were conducted online or offered through different forms of digital media like webinars, podcasts, interactive CD-ROM, and videos.
  • Read: Qualifying reading materials include (but are not limited to) informational, non-fiction books, articles, white papers, or blogs.
  • Informal Learning: Activities include (but are not limited to) mentoring sessions, panel discussions, lunch and learn sessions, or other structured discussions.

Giving Back (25 maximum): Activities that enable you to share and apply your knowledge and skills as a means to contribute to and help build the profession

  • Work as a Practitioner (8 Maximum): The number of PDUs claimed once per cycle should be generally equivalent to the amount of time you were actively working within the profession. For example: 
    - If you were actively working within the profession for the entire 3 years of your certification cycle, the maximum allowable PDU value can be claimed (8 for PMP)

- If you were actively working within the profession for half of your certification cycle, half of the maximum allowable PDU value can be claimed (4 for PMP)

  • Create Content: Activities that enable you to share and apply your knowledge and skills as a means to contribute to and help build the profession. Some examples include: 
    - Writing books, articles, white papers, or blogs 
    - Creating webinars or presentations
  • Give a Presentation: Activities include presentations you delivered at a PMI chapter event, other professional conferences, or internally at your organization, which relate to your certification.
  • Share Knowledge: Activities in which you shared project management knowledge with others through serving as a mentor, moderator, teacher, coach, or simply applied your subject matter expertise.
  • Volunteer: Activity that relates to your certification and contributes to advancing knowledge or practice within the profession without compensation.

Once you've cleared the PMP® examination, you require to hold your abilities advanced through the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program to improve your PMP credential and actual certification rank. Each PMP certification sequence persists for three years, during which you will require to earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) to renew your certification at the expiration of the period. Once you have achieved a single cycle, another new three-year cycle starts.

If you do not obtain the designated number of PDUs by the demise of the third anniversary of your PMP certification, there will be a one-year suspension of your certification, after which it will no longer be accurate.

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