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History of Rita Mulcahy 

At the time, when Rita was working as a consultant and a trainer, she met a lot of people who struggled to grasp project management concepts and clear the PMP® Exam. So she wrote a book named PMP®  Exam Prep. Her main motive behind writing books was to help people understand concepts in an easy way. She wrote the best-selling book PMP® Exam Prep, as well as over a dozen self-study resources. She trained in over 30 countries to thousands of project managers each year. 

Rita Mulcahy (died May 15, 2010, age 50)was a public speaker and an author in the Project Management field. She worked for over 15 years on over $2.5 billion worth of projects over the course of her career. She was also an internationally recognized expert on project management techniques, advanced project management theory, risk management, and the Project Management Professional Exam.

Rita Mulcahy Book

She visualized things differently from how they were. Thousands of Project Managers and Executives used to wait in a standing room for just speaking to Rita very often. She also gave several encore presentations at PMI conferences. Her talent and dedication gave her a paramount in project management. She always believed to challenge herself, have fun in the process and create a better world. 

How this material will help you understand the concepts in an easier way?

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is one of the highly recognized and sought after certifications globally. The main textbook for the same which is officially provided by PMI is The Guide to PMBOK Version 6th Edition (henceforth referred to as PMBOK 6th Edition). Most of the PMP training institutes use that as the primary study material. But our personal recommendation is to use that as reference material. Make “PMP Exam Prep Book – 9th Edition by Rita Mulcahy Corporation” (henceforth referred to as PMP Rita 9th Edition) as your primary study material. When we say that, there are multiple reasons behind it.

Several Institutes use PMBOK 6th Edition due to the following reason:

  1. That is the main textbook
  2. Every PMP aspirant get a password protected pdf version of it for free from PMI with paid PMI Membership
  3. Even the hard copy of it is available at less than half price, as compared to its MRP $99
  4. Alternates to be provided to PMP aspirants need more effort and investment

Why we do not suggest to use PMBOK 6 as primary study material?

  1. This is like a Bible of Project Management, not specific to any one certification course. It is the main textbook for other PMI offerings as well, other than PMP. That makes it not a specific study material for PMP.
  2. Explanation of the concepts is not so easy to understand for a novice in Project Management.
  3. Practical examples, activities, and questions are missing. It is a purely theoretical book. At times, that is the reason why an individual might find it tough with this book to crack PMP.
  4. Even for experienced professionals, preparing based on this might be a cumbersome target, due to their incapability to stay interested in the book and complete it.
  5. The focus is not to prepare for the PMP exam as it is not only for PMP.
  6. Several explanations are not detailed and many assumptions are inbuilt, left at the behest of the PMP aspirant to figure out.
  7. Due to all of the above points mentioned, PMP aspirant ends up referring to multiple books, which is another mistake to make.

Due to all these challenges as mentioned above, a PMP aspirant ends up estimating very high commitment in terms of time and effort. Many drop out of PMP half way mentioning that they cannot commit so much time and effort while working.

PMP Certification

One needs to understand that PMP is no rocket science and it can be cracked if the smart study is done rather than hard study. One step in preparing smartly is to find an alternative that can be a solution to the above problems. Spending a little extra to save substantial time is something many miss to understand and get into the trap of going with a cheaper but least effective option and ending up needing more than double the time and effort. One needs to understand that high quality does come at a higher price. But returns or savings are also high in that. Hence return on investment is better with higher investment in the case of PMP.

So when one starts to look for an alternate, we get many guides that are just focused on PMP exam preparation which tries to replace the main textbook. And one of the best guides available which addresses each of the problems defined above very effectively is the PMP Rita 9.

PMP aspirants gain the following benefits by preparing with PMP Rita 9th Edition:

  1. Ease of understanding
  2. Higher confidence to crack the exam
  3. Increased chances to crack PMP in the first attempt (This saves the substantial cost of repeated attempts)
  4. Time & Effort savings in PMP Preparation (Intangible benefit)
  5. This one book is self-sufficient to crack PMP and referring to other study materials can be avoided
  6. Understanding the practical application of the theoretical concepts learned from this course

PMP Rita 9th Edition is available in multiple formats:

  • Hard Copy Book
  • Abridged
  • Abridged - Downloadable
  • Cloud-Based Subscription (6 or 12 Months Subscription)

Limited items are available on Amazon, eBay, and other stores as well.

There are limited bookstores who keep RITA MULCAHY books.

Other Books:

  • The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try – By Andy Crowe, PMP
  • Head First PMP: A Brain-Friendly Guide – By Jennifer Greene, PMP & Andrew Stellman, PMP

There are many independent comparisons and reviews done by experts available online regarding the best book to prepare for the PMP exam. If those articles and blogs are reviewed in detail, PMP Rita 9th Edition remains the best-suggested book to prepare with.

The outline of the PMP® Rita Mulcahy’s book is as below:

PMP Exam Prep Book
  • Information About PMP Exam
  • Project Management Framework
  • Project Management Processes
  • Integration Management
  • Scope Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Resources Management
  • Communications Management
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Professional and social responsibility

Are you ready for some very important tricks and formulas to keep in mind while taking the exam?

PMP Tips and tricks

Take a glimpse of the Tricks for taking and passing the PMP Exam

  • Recognize that ‘rules’(what we think should be best) are meant to be broken. Rules, such as what to do when there is a conflict, can change depending on the situation. This drives some people crazy, especially those who expect the exam to just test facts. You need to be able to read and understand the situations on the exam and then be able to figure out the best thing to do in that situation. Most of the questions are situational.
  • When reading a scenario question, notice which part of the project it is occurring in. If the situation described in the question is taking place during project planning, your answer may be different than it was occurring during project execution.
  • Be prepared for questions with multiple problems. A question may describe a situation with various problems and ask you to determine which one to address first. 

Reviews of our students who cleared exams referring to Rita Mulcahy.

1. Mr. Vijay Kumar Project Manager (SI Project/ ICT Smart Cities)

I highly recommend ProThoughts. I got my PMP accreditation in my first attempt. I was skeptical initially, but gave it a shot, as they used RITA BOOK for training, which was their USP... I am glad that I chose ProThoughts.

2. Arshi Bhutani PMP ® Deputy General Manager at TCE

It was a wonderful learning experience, and Ashish as faculty is too good. The best thing was relating the project management with a simple day to day example which makes the understanding of concepts easier. I wish Prothoughts continue to contribute towards more n more project management professionals

3. Gayatri Baviskar Sr. Manager - Software Development at 63 Moons Technologies Limited 

Material: Rita book (best for clearing concepts), ppt book (best to summarize), mind maps (best to understand processes), flashcards (best for quick revision) and Mock test

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