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  • Types of Tasks in MS Project

    Appreciate the MSP suite capabilities that extend far beyond normal project management into enterprise-wide collaborative project program and portfolio management solution, optimizing resources, and ...

  • How to elevate Resource Management in Projects?

    The resources are always the lifeline and assets of the organizations and generally are scarce in capacity and availability and the most common constraint as well. In this webinar, we will focus on k...


  • Project Kickoff Presentation

    A template for the project kickoff presentation to make your project start off without any difficulties and making sure all important points are discussed. Download the Template Here

  • Stakeholder Questionnaire

    A template to make a Stakeholder Questionnaire. All important points already outlined, just fill in your information and the is Questionnaire ready. Download the Template here

  • Communications Strategy Plan

    A template for Communications Strategy Plan, to save you time and effort. Just fill in your information and the is plan is ready. Download the Template Here

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