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  • Project Managers – Going from fragile to Agile

    Description: Traditionally the project managers are tagged to the "Same size fit all" methodology, thereby still using the standard set of processes without realizing applicability to the unique endea...

  • Maximize value of PMP Certification using MSP

    Description: Help in leveraging PMP knowledge to make you an effective project manager. Audience: PMP, PMP Aspirants, PMs Presented by: Mr. Ninad Kulkarni, Programme Manager at Tech Mahindra Looking t...


  • Project Kickoff Presentation

    A template for the project kickoff presentation to make your project start off without any difficulties and making sure all important points are discussed. Download the Template Here

  • Communications Strategy Plan

    A template for Communications Strategy Plan, to save you time and effort. Just fill in your information and the is plan is ready. Download the Template Here

  • Stakeholder Questionnaire

    A template to make a Stakeholder Questionnaire. All important points already outlined, just fill in your information and the is Questionnaire ready. Download the Template here

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