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How PMP Certification would help healthcare industries?

    February 5, 2020

Project management in healthcare is a successful career option for those who want to obtain an impression on healthcare performance. If you are available for the challenge, there are several jobs out there. Project manager positions will grow by 12 %, or 6.2 million jobs, by 2020 in the world, according to the Project Management Institute's Talent Gap Report.

Browse on and find out what a healthcare project manager profession is all about and whether it is precise for yourself.

Healthcare or Hospital Project Manager: A Job Description

As a healthcare or hospital project manager, you would manage a wide diversity of projects within an industry. These encompass everything from constructing a new section to hiring doctors for a new medicinal practice, to creating a plan to improve emergency acknowledgment by 10%.

Section of being a project manager is also implying able to recognize issues, implement solutions, other tasks, and monitor development to stay on schedule and budget. The job also includes frequent information about plans with activities, a healthcare board, or others who command budget settlements.

Source: PMI

Expectedly, median salaries among project professionals tend to increase alongside their tenure in project management

A regular day for a healthcare project manager is extremely fast-paced, with continuous deadlines. You will have to handle multiple projects and different characters within your business.

  • Healthcare Project Management: Required Skills

A project manager quickly grows the hub of activity and change. They have to be capable of handling stressful conditions and keep calm under stress. Other coveted qualities and skills include:

  • Interpersonal skills. 

A project manager has to be capable of listening, communicate efficiently, and clearly. Collaborate with many characters inside and outside of an organization.

  • Leadership skills. 

You have to be the personalities look to for answers and plan updates. You will lead plans and motivate others to achieve them according to resources, schedules, and standards.

  • Problem-solving skills. 

A project manager faces many unforeseen difficulties in reaching goals and schedules. They want to be able to find resolutions and solve issues immediately, both collaboratively and on their own. 

  • Multitasking skills. 

Being a project manager requires personal organization and anchoring up processes that enhance second nature. In addition, a project manager balances various projects at a time, often with opposing agendas.

  • Flexibility. 

As a project manager, you require to be rebounding when issues occur that approach project goals.

Each project manager brings individual expertise to the table, but these are some essential qualities that allow you to grow a leader.

  • Healthcare Project Management Education

Several healthcare project managers have a bachelor's degree in related fields such as health administration, health management, treating, public health administration, or business management.

A superior degree with an expertise focus gets you marked. Business management programs and healthcare management programs provide you an extensive background to get roused in a healthcare project management profession.

Employment listings for project managers in the healthcare business, frequently challenging for specialized certifications, as hospitals are seeming to hire professionals who can assist in enhancing efficiencies as interest increases.

There are numerous different organizations allowing certifications, and it is amplest to do analysis and determine which one meets your needs. Certifications aren't needed for project managers but can provide you an advantage over the competition. The Project Management Institute (PMI), for example, allows many various certifications, here are two deserving looking into: 

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification 
  • Validates competency to function as a project manager. 
  • It is known worldwide and can use for operators in healthcare, I.T., construction, telecommunications, and finance.

The Certified Associate (C.A) in Project Management Certification (CAPM) 

  • Confirms an understanding of fundamentals, terminology, and methods of efficient project management
  • It is known worldwide and can practice for workers in healthcare, I.T., construction, telecommunications, and finance.
  • According to a PMI study, organizations that have higher than one-third of their project managers certified mind to achieve better. Still, they can provide you the expectations of the business across all industries. 
Is Project Management the Career for You?

If healthcare project management seems like something, you would excel at and experience, then developing business management and healthcare management programs can equip you with the expertise and skillset to assist you in starting your career. If you want to occupy out as a top applicant and move ahead swiftly in your work, seeking an MBA in healthcare management will benefit you accomplish your aims. 

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