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PMP certified specialists are forever in a tremendous request. This globally acknowledged certification never confines itself to a specialized field, so you get the liberty to pierce any area. The possibilities keep streaming in when they get "PMP certified" in their careers. When you have a glance at their payroll and earning potential, they are the highest-paid supervisors. A survey is demanding that they get 20% higher than the non-certified managers.

The PMP examination involves two sorts of costs. The primary one is the examination cost, which would be a fixed cost, and the secondary one is training and education costs, which are fickle and mainly depends on the coaching institute that you prefer. Let me write down more detail about these costs of PMP certification.

1) Examination fee: The PMP final examination fee is a fixed cost for anyone attempting the exam from anywhere. Here, PMI registered members do get subsidiary, whereas they require to pay $139 registration fees well in progress before applying for PMP examination.

For a registered PMI member, the cost is $405

For non-registered PMI member, the price is $550

2) Education and Training cost: Let us now have a glance at the Education and Training expenses that you need to pay Training: As per PMI standards, you should have endured 35 hours of approved training before practicing your PMP examination. Many coaching institutes are giving PMP training at different rates in India. The most popular-priced one to quote is Prothoughts; We convoy PMP training in all the major cities and make the applicants qualify in their very first effort.

Advancing PMP certification needs training. The next article will assist you in how one can renew the validity of PMP Certification. The PMP certification is valid for 3-after the issued year of accreditation. Click here to know more

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